"Ann-Marie Murrell is a consummate beauty and a consummate professional.  In other words, she is 'Beauty and the Best!'"  

"Ann-Marie is one of our bravest and noblest freedom fighters and truth-tellers fighting on the front-lines today. America desperately needs precious people like her in this dark hour--and it is an honor for me to call her my friend."  

"Ann-Marie's solid, genuine approach to journalism is what America needs right now.  Not only is her sincerity what America needs in terms of journalistic integrity today, it is in fact the only thing that might ultimately save the republic."  
--Dr. Gina Loudon

"Ann-Marie is a true patriot in the same unyielding spirit of the original patriots, exhibiting an unwavering dedication to the Great Cause, Liberty.  It is an honor to call her a friend."  
--Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, candidate for Governor of California @ElectDonnelly

​"What can I say about Ann-Marie?  She is a dynamo.  Passionate and gung-ho on all things "America"!  I don't know how she squeezes so much into 24 hours.  Oh, and one more thing…her heart is as big as TEXAS!!" 
--Morgan Brittany, movie and television star and co-owner of PolitiChicks.com 

"Ann-Marie Murrell, she is like a walkin', talkin' Lady Liberty.  And that smile she's got is as good as holding up a torch.  She's driven and supportive in the effort to connect conservatism with the culture."
--AlfonZo "Zo" Rachel, PJTV's Zo Nation and author of Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction

"Ann-Marie singlehandedly reveals the absurdity of the left's stereotypes of conservative women.  Startlingly intelligent, joyful, stunningly beautiful even by Los Angeles standards, deeply patriotic, generous to a fault with her time and her abilities, movingly compassionate, humble even as she is ambitious and successful in her career and loving in her family life, she exemplifies all that conservatives admire and that the left claims to but in fact denigrates."  
--Dr. Karen Seigemund, Founder/Director RageAgainsttheMedia.com

"Ann-Marie Murrell is the reason why the phrase 'beauty and brains' exists.  It is important to note that she is a former liberal thinking woman who through time and experience, evolved into a conservative.  Her message is one every American should hear."  
--Rick Amato, Television Talk Show Host 

"Dear Ann-Marie and the PolitiChicks, I want to thank you for taking the time to make me feel special.  My Dad always tells me I can be anything I want to be if I work hard at it.  When I grow up I want to be just like you and the girls.  You made me feel powerful when I listened to you talking.  I'm a 5th grader and I'm on our student council, my best friend Rosie is the President of the council.  Now my dad calls Rosie and me mini-PolitiChicks.  When I grow up I want to be a real PolitiChick.  Love, Kiley"
--NASCAR driver Kenny Shepherd's 11-year old daughter


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About Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is a 5th generation Texan who left home in her early 20’s to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles.  As an actress Ann-Marie appeared in various film and television shows such as ABC's 'Sledge Hammer', ‘Young and the Restless’ and the movie 'Sunset Strip'. 

In 2010, Ann-Marie Murrell helped create a webTV series called "PolitiChicks".  Today, Ann-Marie and actress Morgan Brittany own the very popular website which serves as a major platform for both women and men writers across the U.S. Ann-Marie and Morgan are regular political commentators on television and radio and they have hundreds of thousands of followers throughout social media.  

In 2014, Ann-Marie and Morgan co-wrote the bestselling book, 'What Women Really Want' and in 2016 they released their second bestseller, 'PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism' which featured essays by many of their PolitiChicks contributors.

These days Ann-Marie’s television appearances are politically-based, giving commentary on shows that include Fox & Friends, Hannity, the Dr. Phil Show, Lou Dobbs, C-SPAN, CNN International, and MSNBC.  In 2014 Ann-Marie was a panelist at the National Security Summit in D.C.  

Ann-Marie has interviewed hundreds of conservative leaders and was one of the last reporters to interview the late Andrew Breitbart. Ann-Marie will soon appear as a political reporter in the “The Gosnell Movie”.

You can find Ann-Marie on Facebook (Ann-Marie Murrell), Instagram @TheAnnMarieMurrell and Twitter @PolitiChickAM.


Bestselling Author, National Speaker, CEO of PolitiChicks.Com